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Printed lanyards, also known as keyholders, have been a popular promotional item for companies, clubs and fairs for many years and are often ordered for events, sporting events or trade fairs. The versatility of the imprints or design makes the lanyard a popular fashion accessory that people like to wear around their neck. Additionally, the lanyard offers a clear added value compared to other promotional items through optional accessories or attachments (bottle opener, bottle holder, carabine hook, ID cover or as a holder for ski passes).


Below you will find a short list of our bestsellers. Click on the links below for further information on the respective lanyards.
lanyards with bottle holder imprinted

Bottle opener

Imprinted lanyards
with integrated bottle opener
bottle holder lanyards to wear around the neck

Bottle holder

Lanyards with imprint
and integrated bottle holder
lanyards with id badge holder

Badge Holder

Lanyards with
attached id holder
double lanyards printed order now

Double lanyards

Double keyholders with 2
carabiners, hooks or clips
badge reel lanyards keyholder

Badge Reel

Lanyards with a yo-yo
pull-out bracket
kurze schluesselbaender short straps

Short Straps

short lanyards with space
for accessories and attachments
lanyards satinband satin schluesselbaender

Satin ribbon

Keyholders with on-
sewn satin band
gewebte keyholder mit ”ffner fuer flaschen


An elegant form of finishing –
woven lanyards
high quality premium lanyards


Lanyards made of thicker material
or with a higher quality attachment
round woven lanyards

Tubular lanyards

Lanyards woven circularly
imprinted with logo and slogan
tube lanyards printed


Lanyards in tube form with
suitable accessories and imprints
ecological materials lanyards

Organic material

Environmentally friendly materials, such as
Bamboo, cotton or recycled materials
Lanyards are very suitable as advertising products for companies, clubs, fan clubs, events or simply as a marketing tool. You can imprint the lanyards with your logo and/or text, your www address or the company or club name. Even photo-realistic imprints or more detailed designs can be implemented without any difficulties. This makes the key lanyard ideal for charity campaigns, as a VIP entrance band or simply as a give-away.

You want to have your logo, signet, icon and/or an individual writing printed onto the lanyards? No problem – let your creativity run free during the design process of the lanyards. We’ d be happy to advise you on the design, create a digital artwork for your confirmation, etc. You can choose the colors, both for the lanyard and for the imprint, freely from over 1,000 Pantone C colors®.

Besides the designs shown above, we also offer many other lanyards and keyholders with additional accessories, other design possibilities and different fabrics. You will find a short overview of these below.


Below you will find an illustration showing the most popular fabrics or materials as the basis for the lanyards. Do you prefer classic fabrics such as polyester or nylon, should it be of a higher quality with a sewn-on satin ribbon or do you prefer ecological variants (bamboo, cotton, recycled PET etc.)?

You will find further information regarding the possible basic materials for your lanyards under the menu item “Material”.

You will find further information regarding the possible basic materials for your lanyards under the menu item “Material“.


Below you will find a picture with the most popular design options. In addition to various types of imprinting, we also offer woven lanyards and lanyards with sewn-on satin ribbon.
In addition, further refinements such as laser embossing, reflective or fluorescent design options etc. can be chosen of.

You will find further information regarding the possible design and finishing options under the menu item „Design“.


The right attachments are a key element of a good lanyard. Ask yourself the following question: What accessories could my customers use? The better the choice of attachments, the more often customers or employees will carry the lanyards with them, as they can offer real added value in their everyday lives.
attachments for lanyards bottle holder opener

Take your time and have a look at the possibilities under the menu item “Attachments” – you will certainly find some suggestions regarding the appropriate attachment.


Lanyards are no longer just a mere promotional item. Keyholder have also turned into a fashion accessory that can be a useful helper in the everyday life of your customers.

Most of the promotional items are not really used by customers and therefore miss their real effect. Good promotional items on the other hand are always present and offer a real added value.

Since 2004 we’ve been producing very successful lanyards for companies, sports clubs, artists and events.

Our references and many years of experience will convince you – well-known companies trust in our quality and our know-how in the design and creation of lanyards.

The variety of our finishing options and attachments as well as the individual design possibilities make this promotional item a versatile product.

Of course, we design the lanyards completely according to your wishes:

• Band length, width, thickness and material are freely selectable
• Colors: Choice of nearly 1,000 PantoneC colors for ribbon and printing ink(s)
• Finishing: Overprint, woven, embossing, laser – the choice is yours
• Design: whether text, symbol, logo or photorealistic representation – almost everything is possible

You can find more information about the various design possibilities here.
After you have sent us your design idea, we will be happy to create a digital artwork for you. In this way you can see how the desired design will look before you order and can make any changes that may be necessary.

At you can be sure that your desired design will be manufactured using high quality materials.

Due to our long experience in production we deliver the best result. You will receive the desired lanyards on colourfast ribbons, which you and your customers will enjoy for a long time.

SERVICE is very important to us: from personal advice, digital design, sample pictures via e-mail to fast delivery with transmission of the tracking number – we offer a complete carefree package.

We are also happy to take care of the logistics for you with regard to special packaging and shipping to your customers or branches.

It is important for us that you and your customers are satisfied and that the lanyards meet your wishes and expectations.
Convince yourself and request a non-binding offer and a digital design for your lanyards today.

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Imprinted keyholders also called lanyards, have been a popular promotional item for companies and clubs for many years and are often ordered for events, sporting events or trade fairs.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? No problem.