lanyards premium high quality


High quality lanyards for companies, fairs or events

Are you looking for high-quality promotional items or giveaways for your company? Do you want to align the attachments to the needs of your customers or stand out from the crowd by using better materials?

Then our premium keyholders are the right promotional item. We offer you different possibilities to design the lanyards with a higher quality.

Material: Normal lanyards made of polyester are produced with a thickness of 0.6 mm. For a very small surcharge we also offer other material thicknesses, e.g. 1 mm. Your customers will certainly notice the difference. Or how about organic materials? We offer e.g. lanyards made of bamboo, cotton or recycled materials.

Attachments: Accessories are a way to easily stand out from the crowd. Design your lanyards with a high-quality oval carabiner instead of the standard version. Or a stainless steel buckle instead of plastic. You can also provide the lanyards with various labels or similar accessories.

premium lanyards
keyholder premium high quality
Our team will gladly assist you in selecting the appropriate materials and attachments for your keyholders. This way you can provide your customers with a high quality item that they will be happy to carry with them at all times. Thus the printed advertising message is always present and the small “additional expenses” due to the higher quality will certainly be worth it. Please contact us regarding your wishes or ideas, so that we can develop the suitable premium lanyard together.