lanyards with bottle holder


Lanyard and keyholder with attachment for holding bottles

Do you need a promotional item that is also very practical for your customers? If so, opt for our landyards with bottle holder today, which allow a quick and easy transport of bottles of all kinds. Thanks to the holder, bottles with beverages such as water, beer or lemonade can simply be hung around the neck, so that your customer has his hands free. The attachment ensures that the bottles remain firmly in the holder and cannot fall off or be damaged even during quick movements. The bottle can be easily attached to the holder and can be removed from the holder just as easily. In this way, the drink is always ready to hand and your advertising is always visible. You can also order the lanyards which are adjustable in length, so that the lanyard can also be carried over the shoulder. Fans of clubs can use it to cheer on their favourite team’s players without the drink disturbing while holding it. In addition, you can also eat something on the side and have your hands free for snacks.
bottle holder lanyards
keyholder with holder for bottles
A lanyard with bottle holder is also perfect for sportsmen or hikers who like to move around and want to carry a bottle of water with them. When celebrating at festivals and music events, you can attach your favourite drink to the holder and cheer in the crowd with your hands raised when your favourite band plays. The lanyard and the bottle holder are available in many colours, so the design can easily be adapted to your own company colours. Of course the lanyard is also a popular promotional gift, which is gladly taken by customers, because it offers a real added value compared to other promotional items. This promotional product is perfect as a giveaway, which can be distributed to prospective or regular customers. Especially if your company is in the beverage industry or if you organize sports events as a club, you can cleverly advertise with this product.