lanyards badge card holder


Lanyard and keyholder with a badge holder

Do you need lanyards to attach an admission ticket, a company card or an ID card to it? Do you want these cards or ID cards to be always handy in stadiums, companies or at events without having to search for them?

If so, then our lanyards with identity card cover are the right advertising medium for you.

We offer you the badge holders in different designs and sizes, so that every card or badge can be carried safely and visibly on a lanyard. The ID card holders can be attached either to small carabiners, hooks or clips. Our customers are also happy to opt for our double lanyards, to which two small carabiners, one on each side, are attached.

keyholder badge holder
white lanyard with id badge holder
In addition to classic badge holders, id holders made of hard plastic are available to enhance the lanyard optically and haptically. For each dimension of the badge or card we have the corresponding badge holder ready, so that it fits exactly into the cover. We offer the lanyards for fastening the badge in different widths, finishes (print, woven, with satin ribbon etc.) and colors (Pantone C color palette). We will be happy to create a digital design so that you have a picture of what the lanyards will look like before you order. Ask for your individual offer for lanyards with identity card cover today.