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Various design options for individualized lanyards

In addition to a wide variety of materials and attachments, we can also offer you many different printing processes and other finishes as well as different lengths and widths of the base material. Just click on the menu item that interests you and you will immediately jump to the desired design or finishing.


Screen printing is one of the methods by which we can print the desired design onto the lanyards. Your logo or text is literally “printed” onto the material – meaning that when you run your finger over it, you feel it is a raised design. This printing method is suitable for less detailed designs or logos. The advantage of this print is the absolute color accuracy – so if you want the corporate identity of your company or your club colors to be printed correctly, screen printing is the right process for you. Each color (with several printing colors) is printed separately, so that we can work with the Pantone C color palette.
lanyards with silk screen print
screen printing for individual lanyards
printed lanyards silk screen


Should the desired design of the lanyard be a little more detailed is this the method of choice. Through transfer printing we are able to print even more complex designs with perfect precision. In contrast to screen printing, we usually use the CMYK color scheme for transfer printing. We would be happy to advise you on the appropriate printing technique and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you.
heat transfer printed lanyards
heat transfer printing
keyholder heat transfer printing


If you want to have photorealistic designs printed onto your lanyards, photo printing is the best option. We can take over even the most complex templates 1-to-1 and always deliver a perfect print image. Our graphic designers will be happy to create a layout and adapt the design perfectly to the bandwidth and length, so you don’t have to worry about anything in this regard.
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photo realistic printing lanyards
lanyards with photorealistic printing


Woven keyholders impress with their extraordinary and high-quality finish. Your logo is woven into the lanyard so that the negative is visible on the back. This finishing technique is suitable, just like screen printing, for rather simple designs. For the woven keyholders, all Pantone C colors are also available as basic colors or as woven colors.
woven lanyards for promotion
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woven keyholder promotional item


Lanyards with satin ribbon not only look classy, but also feel like it. In this design form, a satin ribbon is sewn onto the base material and then printed or woven. You can choose the satin either in the same colour as the base material or any other color to make the ribbon stand out even more.


In this case, the printing ink is provided with pigments that glow in the dark, so that your advertising message can be seen even in darkened rooms or at night. This finishing is therefore particularly suitable for events that take place late in the evening, so that the fluorescent printing ink can really stand out.
lanyards glow in the dark
keyholder glow in the dark


Do you want to integrate a security feature into the lanyards? Reflective lanyards offer additional security at dusk or at night because they are easier to spot. With this option, a reflective strip can be sewn onto the base material or the imprint or individual small elements can be produced in reflective material.
reflective lanyards
keyholder reflective


An excellent way to individualize the lanyards even further is laser embossing. Either the buckle, the carabiner or the bottle opener can be engraved and then filled with colour if necessary. We would be happy to advise you on the possible forms of laser embossing.
lanyards laser debossed
short strap lanyard laser


Do you wish to have particularly high-quality lanyards produced for your customers or employees? Then talk to us about the premium lanyards. By means of woven labels, product images made of PVC, thicker material or additional attachments, the keyholders can be upgraded both visually and haptically. Let us advise you and find out how you can design your lanyards even more advantageously.
high quality premium lanyards
lanyards keyholder premium


We can produce the lanyards in different lengths, according to your wishes and specifications. The purpose of the lanyards plays an important role. The standard lanyards have a length of about 90 cm. When adding a buckle, the upper part would be about 80 cm long and the removable part about 10 cm. For keyholders with bottle holders we can also produce the straps in a way that they are variable in length and can therefore be worn around the neck or over the shoulder. Please contact us for advice on the right length for your individual lanyards. We can offer you different variations suited to your individual needs.
lanyards different length individual


We can also offer you lanyards in different widths. The standard widths range from 1 cm up to a width of 2.5 cm. You can see the proportions in the following picture. The suitable width also always depends on the intended use of the lanyards. If you want lanyards with an integrated bottle opener or bottle holder, lanyards with a width between 2 cm and 2.5 cm are suitable – in contrast, key chains with a smaller width of 1 cm and 1.5 cm are suitable for ID covers. We would be happy to advise you on the appropriate band width.
lanyards different individual width